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ZAGA ZAGA - "2 Songs Demo + 4 Songs" EP 7"

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Image of ZAGA ZAGA -  "2 Songs Demo + 4 Songs" EP 7"


Zaga Zaga are a post-hardcore outfit operating from Tel-Aviv, Israel. This EP almost matches their hectic live performances. Chaos unravels from the very first second. with influences of acts such as Fugazi, Converge, The Locust, the over-the-top attitude of this band comes out to life in their no prisoners approach to their ear piercing hardcore anthems.

1. A Song About Food and Customer Service
2. The Dancer
3. Damn That Dog
4. Youth Attack (Charles Bronson Cover)
5. Samba Samba
6. (I Just Called To Say) I Hate Your Band

For Fans of:
Converge, Fugazi, The Locust