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WYATT E - "Exile to Beyn Neharot" LP


Image of WYATT E - "Exile to Beyn Neharot" LP


Oriental post-doom outfit, Wyatt E from Belgium is back with their mesmerizing sophomore LP. "Exile to Beyn Neharot" and it's nothing but an oriental soaked doom metal opus influenced by their godfathers in Om and Sleep. The almost 40-minute journey explores the trio's sound into psychedelic realms, heavy electronica and they drone heavier than ever before. A true testament of hard work and grander scheme when it comes to creating a vast and meaningful piece of music. A must for the dope using doomsters.

1. Nebuchadnezzar II (Side A)
2. Ode to Ishtar (Side B)

For Fans of:
Om, Grails, Godspeed You! Black Emperor