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SLOWLY WE ROT - "Poverty of Existence" LP (Cl.Black/Cl.Blue Vinyl)

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Image of SLOWLY WE ROT - "Poverty of Existence" LP (Cl.Black/Cl.Blue Vinyl)


SLOWLY WE ROT takes you back to that barren meadow of raw metallic hardcore and definitely praise their Nordic metal gods in that process. This referring to some obvious HM-2 worship on their latest effort “Poverty of Existence” and the unrelenting black influence to it’s title track. It’s simply impossible to label the band with a genre when some death/grind and raw, crusty riffage is circling in between, so let's keep it to their own description: "Blackened everything".
Being around since 2013, they’ve released a split with Depravation and the EP "Poverty of Existence” on tape.

1. Guillotine Twins
2. Scalp Them
3. Poverty of Existence
4. Heiress
5. Worn Out
6. Solitary Realm
7. Among The Roaches

For Fans of:
Tragedy, Ruins, His Hero is Gone.