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PARVE - "Stabilité Économique" LP (Black Vinyl)

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Image of PARVE - "Stabilité Économique" LP (Black Vinyl)


PARVE are an experimental doom-noise duo hailing from the ever burning city of Jerusalem. "Stabilité Économique" is their debut full-length offering. The album consists of 8 tracks of total annihilation of any sub-genre and separation. From feminine alt-soprano singing to low-tuned gutter drenched sludge metal riffs. This is for the thrill-seekers of doom, noise and heavy art forms. Pure schizophrenic masterpiece.

1. Intro
2. Oy Vei Zmir
3. Fleas
4. Shittin In Havilio
5. Egout
6. Interlude
7. Le Petit Traumatisme
8. Le Pape Est Miklachat

For Fans of:
The Body, Sunn O))), Big|Brave