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OFFRET - Self-Titled EP 12"


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OFFRET operates from Nizhny Novgorod, Russia. a solo project by talented Andrey Porkofiev. This debut release caught the immediate attention around the globe and as such, will not go unnoticed.
Dark-Folk attributes mixed with brooding heaviness reminiscent of Converge's post-metal sides, Chelsea Wolfe's gloomy atmospheres, all wrapped up in one persona, scratching his lifelong animosities towards his own displacement in the world.

1. Никто не выйдет отсюда живым (No One Here Gets Out Alive)
2. Малефика (Maléfica)
3. Иди за мной (Follow Me)
4. Бесы (Demons)

For Fans of:
Chelsea Wolfe, Nick Cave, Converge, Russian Circles